The St. Mary’s Fitness Test and Training Center was made possible by the support and contributions from the Kevin E. Reichardt Foundation, and has been named to reflect the contributions of Kevin to the school and community. The renovations allow more students to take advantage of the room. The 960 square foot space has been gutted and rebuilt with a wall removed for safety and renovated with new fixtures and finishes. A memorial of Kevin has been placed in the fitness center as a reminder to current and future students of the possibilities for their personal growth.
The creation of the fitness center has been a long-held dream of St. Mary’s, Kevin’s family and the Reichardt Foundation. Below are a few words by a beloved teacher and coach, Brad Best.
During his years at St. Mary’s, Kevin was an integral part of the Breakfast Club, a group of dedicated athletes who trained in the early morning hours before school. Kevin epitomized what a St. Mary’s student is all about… a great student, hard working, loyal, and gifted athlete. But above all else he was a caring, giving member of St. Mary’s High School. Kevin thought of the well being of others before he worried about his own needs, this spirit is what makes St. Mary’s a very special place. Current and future students will benefit from the new fitness center. The weight room has always been a ‘hang out’ for students before and after school, a place to work out and get away from the daily stress’.
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